Our Mission is to be an outreach to the community by aiding in the development of our children’s spiritual, emotional, social, cognitive  & physical needs.

Our Program offers a 2-day session and a 3-day session. Marley Preschool offers hands on learning and faith to help little ones grow and emphasizes school readiness skills. The programs provide a balance of quiet time, active play, teacher directed activities and free choice. Activities are designed to be pertinent to the child’s stage of development and are led at the child’s own pace.  In addition to focusing on traditional preschool learning activities, the Marley Preschool curriculum helps young children begin to establish basic values, develop positive self image, and become aware of the Bible as God’s words to live by. The preschool provides a warm, loving environment in which the child’s social, physical, cognitive and spiritual needs are met.

Feel free to contact us @ 815-463-1206 or through email: marleychurchpreschool@gmail.com for more information about our preschool or to schedule a tour.

Our Goals for each child include but are not limited to the following:

  • to work on increasing attention span & following directions
  • to enhance language development
  • to begin distinguishing various colors, shapes, numbers & letters
  • to be introduced to problem solving techniques
  • to develop fine and gross motor skills
  • to begin developing coordination, flexibility & agility
  • to improve physical awareness
  • to begin to establish his/her basic values
  • to become aware of the Bible as God’s word
  • to become aware of our surroundings as God’s creation
  • to adjust and become happy & self confident in this new environment
  • to develop a positive self image
  • to develop cooperation with others