“We love the staff at MCPS and we love how much our son learns” – The Davis Family

“We were at Marley for four years. THE BEST PRESCHOOL EVER! Ms. Elaine and Ms. Sue created some of the best memories of my children’s early years…memories that we will never forget! We love them both!!! <3” – The Malchiodi Family

“Marley Preschool is by far one of the best I have seen out there. I visited all the preschools in New Lenox and Homer Glen and when I came Marley, I fell in love. This is a school where I knew my children were going to learn and be loved and not babysat. I am on my 2nd child going to Marley and I have not one complaint. I would recommend this to anyone and I do. Hands down the best and I promise you will not be sorry. Just wish they had an Elementary and Middle School there too! <3” – The Stockrahm Family

“Isabella’s favorite part of school were the trips to the park and the many art projects. I also loved the projects that Isabella did. I think the teachers are great and really create a positive learning environment. I am also grateful that Isabella was able to learn about the Bible and God in her classes.” – Amanda Bajt

“Being a mom putting my chid into preschool for the first time. I had no idea what to expect or if I made the right choice. I am so glad I chose Marley Preschool! I have nothnig negative to say! Joshua has loved every minute of it, loves going to school, and talks about it and the teachers all the time. I have seen a tremendous growth in Joshua’s actions at home too. I have loved all the programs, parties, and art shows. I have loved your creativity in all the themes and projects. I truly feel you all love these children and love your job. To see my child smile so much has made me realize I have made the perfect decision to have my child be a part of Marley Church Preschool. Keep up the good work!”- Bonnie Evans

“We have been really happy  with this preschool. Our daughter has learned so much and it was only her first year of preschool. The parties they have are memorable for the students, specifically Thanksgiving, Grandparents Day, and Mother’s Day Tea. Our daughter still talks about these. Also, the different themes throughout the year are done with such great detail, it makes us wish we were students, specifically, manners and rules, insects, book week, kings and queens week, I could go on and on. However, the main reason why we have been so happy at this school is because of the teachers. They are hard working, organized and caring. You can tell they love their job and they love the students. They are phenomenal individuals. I can’t say enough about their program. Anytime I hear someone looking into preschools, I send them to Marley Church Preschool.”               –Lisa Evans

” My oldest son attended Marley for two years and loved it. He often talked about the teachers and the activities and wished he could go everyday.  The teachers there are wonderful. The make each family feel involved and part of the larger family. The communication is very open. I always knew what my child was working on a I knew I could approach the teachers with any issues or problems that I had. The activities and themes at the school are very creative and enjoyable for the children. Some of my son’s favorites were dinosaurs, transportation, robots, bugs, and dragons. They also have many events where the family can be involved as well such as holiday parties. Mother’s Day Tea, Grandparent’s Day, Art Fairs, and outings. The children go Christmas Caroling and Trick-or-Treating. They have a beautiful wooded park and go outside and play, weather permitting. Many school do not go outside at all. I love this preschool and will be sending my younger children there as well. ” –Tracy Lennon 

“Immediately upon entering the building for the first time, I knew I loved Marley Church Preschool. The room is bring and cheerful. The toys are clean and organized, and the student art decorate the entire classroom. Three teachers are waiting with big smiles to greet each student everyday. My daughter’s first experience with school has been magical.   She wakes up each morning eager to learn. She loves her school, her friends, and her teachers. She learned her colors and shapes, letters and numbers, how write her name, as well as countless other lessons that she can apply to her life both now and in the future. She learning to use manners effectively, to respect herself and others, and most importantly she is learning to be good person. Ms. Sue, Ms. Elaine, and Ms. Corbett provide a safe, loving and nurturing learning environment for all of their students. I feel fortunate to have my daughter attend the best preschool! We can’t wait to see what next year brings! – Kim Clifton

“The one on one experience with our child and his teacher was very nice to see. It gave us, as parents, a sense of security knowing that his individual needs were being recognized. Our son’s social skills were greatly improved by the end of the year, mostly his interaction with other children. He is now becoming more comfortable interacting and playing with other children. The constant support and encouragement from his teachers helped him learn that it is okay to separate from the adults and interact with the children in his class, as well as with children in other social settings. The Family interaction during the year has been amazing. It is nice to be able to participate in all of the events planned during the school year- Finger Food Feast, Grandparent’s Day, Christmas Program, and Mother’s Day Tea are just some examples of how each and every family is made to feel special throughout their child’s preschool experience. We want to say thank to all of the teachers for everything they have done this school year. Thank you for making this a wonderful experience for our entire family! Looking forward to next school year!”- Kelly and John O’Donnell


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